When delivering education sessions face-to-face, “question time” is always my favourite part of the evening. This week, I’m bringing you the recording of the QandA session held at the end of my July 2019 presentation for City of Sydney Council. 

I give my answers to audience questions such as:

and many more.

And if it sounds a little familiar to loyal listeners, this was first published as podcast episode no. 180. 

It’s also good timing to let you know about a survey The City of Sydney is conducting, to better understand the needs and priorities of owners corporations. Owner-occupiers, investors and tenants of apartment buildings in Greater Sydney are invited to complete the online survey here. Your input will help shape programs and resources that promote connected, thriving and resilient communities.


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  1. Different Awning designs are allotted for each group of apartments in one complex, can we write a by-law to cover all installations and enpowering the strata committee to approve each awning application?

    What is the proper process?


  2. My comment is about capital works fund. In our Strata we had raised special levies to do some repairs but it usually finish paying for work that it was not needed and instead of having a well maintained building is the contrary.
    Fair Trading knows about my problem but it does not do anything because I suspect it wants make me to sell. My neighbour was forced to sell because she did not have a choice in a building of 4 Lots like mine.
    Like I previously said we are paying high strata levies and do not have consumer protection but the contrary. I feel very sorry for people who bought in a new building and have to pay high mortgage and to make it worst high strata levies to rectify terrible work.
    We need politicians to correct the present system because going to court is not the answer. Lawyers do not have the power to change terrible legislation but the elected politicians do.

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