010. Macquarie Bank’s Jenny Strong And Amanda Farmer Discuss Strata Finance And How To Use It Effectively

Macquarie Bank’s Jenny Strong And Amanda Farmer Discuss Strata Finance And How To Use It Effectively

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Key Points / Timestamps

  • 00:24 – Intro and Overview
  • 01:31 – Jenny Strong discusses various ways an owner’s corporation might meet the cost of repairs, maintenance and upgrades to their building
  • 03:16 – Why would a building opt for a Strata Finance like a product that Macquarie Bank offers?
  • 04:09 – How a Strata Loan reduces the immediate cost burden on individual lot owners to fund the upfront capital works
  • 05:00 – Amanda Farmer shares her experience around how a Strata Loan helped her client make a multi-million dollar refurbishment work possible
  • 06:38 – How a Strata Improvement Loan offering from by Macquarie Bank works
  • 07:43 – Jenny Strong tells a story on how Macquarie Bank have helped a strata building with their strata loan products
  • 08:44 – How Strata Finance becomes a good option in times of natural disaster and unexpected damage
  • 09:18 – Three common questions around Strata Finance
  • 11:23 –  Specific steps listeners can take to find out more about Strata Finance
  • 12:06 – Books that have had a significant impact on Jenny Strong (and why)
  • 13:05 – Wrap up and thank you

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