This week, it’s a blast from the past. We’re looking all the way back at episode no. 16 – our most popular episode of the podcast EVER. What is the process to follow when you want to use the adjacent common property to expand your lot and improve the value of your investment?


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  1. Thank you both great podcast, The previous owner of my lot enclosed the balcony with sliding glass windows without permission (no ByLaw in place) as did two other lot owners some years ago. My question is each time the building common property is painted , the Secretary of the OC instructs the contractor not to paint my balcony external balcony door, inside balcony external wall, ceiling or the building’s supporting pillars , in fact any of the common property on this balcony as marked on our Strata plans. The contractor painted part of this area for me when I supplied the paint and his firm billed me separately for his labor. I have a receipt for this work . At the time the contractor suggested that I complain to our Strata management as he said all common property repairs etc. including painting is the to be paid for by the OC unless otherwise agreed to by an exclusive use common property by law. Having listened to your podcast I am interested to know where we three lot owners stand and if we should demand that our common property be painted next time. Thank you in advance for any advice , Elizabeth.

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