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Key Points (Timestamps)

00:23 – Introduction and Overview

01:13 – Why Good Strata management is critical for strata buildings and owners

01:45 – What are the qualities of a great strata manager

03:19 ­– Strata management can be a challenging gig

03:41 – Short case study: How Reena assisted in a building emergency with her strata management skills

05:33 – How a building without strata management can manage effectively

06:15 — A strata manager can bring the right experts at the right time during an emergency

06:56 – The most common challenges owners face when dealing with strata managers the best ways to overcome those challenges

08:58 – The various skills that a strata manager needs to call on (and why strata management isn’t a one person job)

09:23 – Action steps you can take to work better with your existing one (or engage an alternative manager if required)

11:33 – The books that had the greatest impact on Reena (and why)

13:02 – How to find out more about Reena and final points

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