This week, Reena and I examine an interesting question raised by a member inside the YSP Online Community: how do we conduct secret ballots for committee elections when the Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 (NSW) requires voters to sign their ballot paper? Reena also reminds us of the power of polls and we recap the highlights of YSP Live.

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  1. Three comments: the transcript of the broadcast can’t be downloaded.
    : under Reena’s 2nd excellent proposal a voting paper in a poll may in the case of a small scheme bear in the unit entitlement included on the
    paper an identifier. In our scheme of seven lots each has a different unit entitlement.
    : re. ballot won on show of hands v lost by poll (unit entitlement). It must have been a very fine distinction as the proxies who defeated the
    motion by poll would have also voted against by ballot.

    1. Hi Rob!

      Thank you for letting us know and this has already been rectified. Also, I emailed you last week a copy of the transcript.

  2. I found also found the voting paper an interesting idea, as well as practical and relatively uncomplicated to manage in the context of a meeting… however wouldn’t the secrecy be broken when the papers are returned? Also if a secret ballot is held do the results have to be announced by the chairperson at the meeting or can the votes be counted after the meeting and the results be announced in the the minutes?

    1. Hi singaustralia, the idea is to return the voting paper with only the vote marked, no other details to be added by the voter. Remember the paper will already have the UE written on it, so the person counting the votes can determine the result of a poll if they need to. The result of the vote still needs to be announced at the meeting.

  3. Is it too wild a concept to consider a secret ballot a distinct “beast” from a (garden variety) ballot.
    If we do that then the rules for a garden variety ballot (sign it) no longer have meaning and the conflict goes away.
    Is it all just in a name?

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