For 20+ years Brendan Cleaver has helped property owners and developers better understand the workings of strata schemes, with a current focus on matching new buildings with the right strata manager. In this chat, we cover:

– the advantage Brendan has when conducting strata records inspections
– why strata management jobs for mates has to be a thing of the past
– where strata managers are letting down owners at First AGMs
– how to ease the pain when transitioning between strata managers
and more.


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3 Responses

  1. Thanks Amanda for the information!!
    How can we expect some Strata Managers and some Committee Members to work for our interest when we see that we do not have anywhere to go if we get into trouble?
    I believe that Consumer Protection, Accountability and Transparency are dirty words in Strata Living.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    I have just been listening to your interview with Brendan….I have found it very interesting with great information…
    I might try to contact Brendan and see if he could give me some advise on 1 Persona making life extremely difficult for our whole building off 32 Units…that person has created lots off problems and cannot get on with any one off our Strata Managers that we have had, we are now into our 4th Strata Manager in less then 2 years…. how to stop such person from creating such Havoc?

    kind regards


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