This week, I chat to Jasmine Sliger, organisational psychologist, about the tough gig that is strata management and the toll that it’s taking on our managers. Jasmine shares her practical tips to help strata managers get through their busy days and build resilience.

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  1. Loved this Podcast with Jasmine.
    Take Breaks, Exercise, don’t be hard on yourself when things go bad,.
    I love this industry and when a client goes somewhere else because of petty issues, it is tough. Friends and family support is crucial to help through these tough times: ‘those clients didn’t deserve you’ is nice to hear from your supporters. So true. You did everything correct and those clients could not deal with the compliance issues you tried to implement.
    Jasmin’s Glossary of Good Phrases to use in tight situations will be useful. Amanda: you had some good tips as well. COuld you post those in the podcast transcript.
    Such a valuable topic!!!

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