This week, I chat with Grant Mifsud of Archers about some creative ways to regulate“BAHND” in our buildings and towards managers (“Bullying, Abuse, Harassment, Nuisance, Discrimination”), including a recent QLDcase where restrictions were placed on an aggressive owner’s constant emailing!

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  1. Thank you for a very informative podcast. This episode reinforced some principles and tips that I had encountered and used in the past but had forgotten about, or for reasons unknown, ceased using. The simple cues and acknowledgements that one is listening to another person are very useful. I never cease to be amazed about how many rude people there are in Strata. The tip of setting the boundary of letting people know how you wish to be communicated with is such a great tip.

    Many of the tips don’t just pertain to strata, They can be utilised in almost any area of communication. I would love to know if a bylaw similar to that was in place in the Tank Tower order is possible in NSW.

    Thanks once again! Lots of food for thought

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