???????????? The Officially Unofficial After-Party of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers’ 16th Annual Conference happened RIGHT HERE. Come party with us! ????

***Lawyers work hard, but we also know how to let our hair down. Strata lawyers are, arguably, the best at doing so. Probably because we work the hardest ????

This week, I’ve been attending the 16th Annual Conference of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers.

For the first time, the conference has been conducted online. So far, it has been an overwhelming success (I hope I haven’t just jinxed us…)

We’re wrapping up at about 5pm today. From 5.15pm, I’ll be LIVE right HERE on the page, hosting the Officially Unofficial ACSL After-Party.

I hope to be joined by a colleague or two, sharing insights from our favourite presentations of the past few days and toasting to a conference well executed.I’ll also be covering:

???? what’s going on with the new short-term letting laws? (spoiler: not much…)

???? the details of my next IN PERSON event

???? what you’re going to learn on the Solar Webinar next Thursday, and HOW to register to join us if you’re not on the list already.

Just be right here on the page at 5.15pm and you’ll see me pop up live.

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