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I am regularly asked: how do we better engage residents in our apartment buildings, especially new residents and tenants?

I worked through this topic (and more) with Adam recently.

Adam sits on the council of his WA strata building. He is also a member of my online community.

In this member-call, we discussed how the implementation of a ‘new resident induction process’ and the issue of a welcome pack would help residents to feel included and understand the rules and culture of the building, which in turn assists with compliance down the track.

I set aside up to one hour for each of these calls and all members of our online community have the opportunity to schedule in a member call with me. Even better, the recording of the call is uploaded to our members-only video library, so you’ll have instant access to all previous member calls.

So far, our always-growing library covers topics such as:

– how to make an application to the Tribunal
– revitalising a ‘rusted on’ strata committee
– dealing with difficult tenants
– terminating a building management contract
– repairing and maintaining the common property

and more.

These days I am charging $1,000 for initial, face to face conferences with new clients of my legal practice. As a member, you’ll pay nowhere near that much to access a member call. Membership is just $44/month

If you’d like to receive the same support that Adam and many others like him are receiving inside the membership, you can. Membership doors will open before the year is out. To be the first to know when they do, get yourself on the priority waitlist:

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