This week, I am “in conversation” with Reena Van Aalst once again. Reena gives us the inside scoop on what some managers are going to get their buildings signed up to new agency agreements before 30 May 2017. I share a win for a long-suffering building, whose committee was able to stay strong in the face of serious building defects and dissent in the ranks.

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  1. Our AGM is scheduled for June ie after 30 May. Our strata committee has had zero contact from the strata manager regarding the introduction of the new strata laws, despite several requets. In our regional city, there are only two local companies doing strata. We are not happy with the peerformance of the company we have and we would like to approach the second company for a proposal. There are 8 units in the block. Three have resident owners, who are easy to contact. We have names but no contact info for the remainder. The latter probably feel that everything is fine (they don’t come to meetings), so getting support may be difficult.

    Can you offer any suggestions as to how to proceed with requesting a meeting to consider the agreements, contacting owners etc, given that we don’t know if we will get the support needed. Many thanks for any response.


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