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Important: Our forum operates on a strict principle of anonymity.

Before engaging in conversation within our forum, please review your username and ensure your membership username is anonymous (i.e. you cannot be identified from it).

Please refer to Forum Rules for more information.

Current username:


If you can be identified from the above display name, please change your public display name before using the Q&A Forum:

You must be logged in to edit your profile.


  1. If your custom display name has recently reverted to your real name, check the form above: you should be able to change it back to your previous custom name.
  2. If your custom display name is not present, or you are a new user, hover over “G’day…” in the top right of this page and click “Edit Profile”:
  3. On the edit profile page, scroll down to the “Display name publicly as…” field, and type in your custom display name:
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Update Profile” button.
  5. Return to this page, and check that your new display name is shown above.
  6. If it is not, please email YSP Support at
  7. Include your YSP Membership email and the desired display name in your email
  8. We will let you know once the change has taken effect and you can login again using your existing email address and your existing password.