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  1. Dear Amanda

    We need Regulators to be able to fix our problems instead of relying on people wasting money to keep people employed. I am sure that you are aware of the article published on the SMH, 17 November 2021. (Domain).
    “A Sydney couple battling constant destructive leaks in their apartment has spent more than $500,000 at a NSW government tribunal to force their building’s committee to fix the defects but, despite winning every case, they’re still living with the misery.

    And even though a NSW Fair Trading inspector drew up an extensive catalogue of the faults with their home that need to be repaired by the owners corporation, they’re being told their only option is to return yet again to the tribunal in the hope that it can enforce compliance with its orders.”
    I had similar experience with Fair Trading in 2017. The Roof that needed to be repaired was not repaired and instead the gutter that needed only to be cleaned, placed some missing brackets and gutter guard was not done but instead between the Strata Manager and ???? decided to replace the copper gutter with an inferior metal. I tried the Roof to be repaired but the NCAT did not make a decision.
    Strata living is a nightmare and I feel like the State Government is going to change the law again to make it easier for Investors/Developers to get our Homes.
    It seems like only 12 Strata Schemes were forced to sell to a developer since the legislation was introduced. My neighbour’s Strata Scheme is probably included on it.
    Two Owner occupiers realised how good their site was and it was going to be very difficult to get another Home like the ones that they were trapped to sell.
    Mature trees clean air for the neighbours and the Result is going to be HELL for the adjoining strata schemes.

    Thanks for the information that you provide!!

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