249. Asbestos in fire door | hard flooring discrimination | unreasonable refusal

In this packed episode, Reena and I cover: what can be done when an owner won’t agree to their front fire door being tested for asbestos  why anti-discrimination legislation is increasingly relevant to strata the owners who successfully proved the unreasonable refusal of their renovation application why we need more access to unreported cases from […]

248. A warning to “autocratic” secretaries

Last week, one of my clients successfully obtained NCAT orders for the appointment of a compulsory strata manager. In this episode, I’m sharing my 4 key takeaways from this hard fought case, including a wake up call for committee secretaries who may be under the misapprehension they can rule the roost. Links mentioned: Get the […]

247. The Art of Community – with Charles Vogl

At a time when our world remains a little more topsy turvy than we’d like, I’m bringing you the audio from my Shared Space Summit chat with Charles Vogl: world leading expert on community building. During times of crisis, it is our strong, connected communities that thrive. Charles explains how. Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! Your […]

246. Tree roots | insurance valuations | fence dispute win

No strangers to difficult times, Reena and I hit the ground running with this episode. We’re covering: the rights of a tenant when tree roots damage a sewer and cause flooding from that most undesirable of sources: the toilet the building with a diminishing valuation and a novel offer from a valuer why compulsory appointments […]

245. Top 5 Podcast Episodes of 2020

In this short, final episode for 2020, I’m pointing you in the direction of our Top 5 Podcast Episodes for the year. There may be some surprises here!  I’ll be leaving you to your holiday festivities and new year’s eve preparations next week, back with the first episode for 2021 in the first week of January. Bringing the […]

242. How ResVu uses data to help strata managers impress their clients

I’m joined by Tom Welsby of ResVu. Tom and his team have created a powerful software that helps strata managers connect with their customers. Tom shares with us how the clever collection and analysis of data can result in better decision-making and more vibrant communities.  Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! Do less, then obsess  […]

240. Safe strata meetings | online meeting hacks | return and earn

This week, Reena and I discuss: How do we safely hold in-person strata meetings? The handy hack Reena is using to improve her online meetings Does the Return & Earn scheme have a place in our strata communities? I’m also reminding you to register for By-Law Boot Camp. Last session this Sunday, 8pm AEDT. Links mentioned: […]

239. Join me for Strata Boot Camp

I’m putting your by-laws to the test: would they crack under pressure? I also have your special invitation to Strata Boot Camp: time to get those by-laws in shape for 2021. Links mentioned: Take the test FOR FREE over at www.yourstrataproperty.com.au/test Secure your Boot Camp spot NOW: stratabootcamp.com Get the transcript here! Cooper v The […]

238. Beware “paper” votes | accommodation costs covered | new code of conduct

In this episode, Reena and I answer these questions: Are all by-laws banning pets now invalid? Why can’t I mail in my general meeting vote? When will an insurer pay temporary accommodation expenses? What does the new Code of Conduct mean for our short term letting by-laws? Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! Watch Amanda’s […]

237. Will “Build to Rent” Disrupt the Strata Sector?

Adam Hirst of Mirvac joins me to explain “Build to Rent” – in particular, Australia’s first renter-only apartment community, LIV Indigo at Sydney Olympic Park. Adam explains the attraction of this unique model. Could it possibly be the complete absence of strata governance structures and strata title legislation? Surely not… Links mentioned: Get the transcript […]

236. Jo Cooper and Sharon Levy on their Court of Appeal win

Last Friday I interviewed Jo Cooper and her lawyer, Sharon Levy, over on our Facebook page. Jo is the lot owner who recently convinced the NSW Court of Appeal that the by-law banning pets at her building is invalid. This episode is an edited version of that chat, taking your behind the scenes of this […]

234. Your guide to waterproofing membranes – with Daniel Caruana

Daniel Caruana of Danrae Group demystifies the waterproofing game for us. We talk roofs, balconies, bathrooms, and Daniel answers the question: why do we see so much remediation work in this area?  Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! Section 18E – Proceedings for breach of warranty – Home Building Act 1989 (NSW) Danrae Group Website […]

233. Strata lawyers and strata managers: the elephant in the apartment

I’m bringing to the table a rather serious challenge: in a world where some strata lawyers may receive a lot of work via referral from one particular strata management company, are they somehow beholden to that company? If not, why do some strata managers (and maybe even some strata lawyers) think that they are? Reena […]

232. The software behind your virtual strata meetings – StrataVote

This week, Matt Larwood of StrataVote takes us inside the software that’s revolutionising our strata meetings and giving strata managers back their lives. Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! Listen to the other podcast episodes here StrataVote website StrataVote Anywhere

231. The Shared Space Summit is on NOW!

Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! Shared Space: the WORLD’S FIRST online summit for strata property owners Your Strata Property Facebook page Join us inside the membership! – Summit Opportunity

230. Service by email | prior notice of AGM | insurance claim clarity

This week, Reena and I cover: the types of notices that must be sent to an owner’s formal address for service the software gap causing problems for our managers how to ensure your motion make it onto the AGM agenda why insurers won’t chase lot owners to recover payouts Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! […]

229. The Do’s and Don’ts of apartment renovation – with Bernadette and David Janson

Bernadette and David Janson from The School of Renovating join me to demystify some common “apartment reno” questions including: do we really need council approval for removal of internal walls and does a washing machine installed in a kitchen need to be waterproofed?  Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! Your Strata Property Shared Space Summit Episode […]

228. THIS is what we’ve been waiting for

Have you sensed the shift that’s happening in our strata space right now? A LOT is changing, fast. The future of strata living and strata service looks dramatically different to what we might have had in mind this time last year. Are you ready to embrace the many opportunities this future now presents? Or maybe […]

227. Reopening gyms | new rules for abandoned vehicles | win for a pet owner

This week, Reena and I tackle another COVID conundrum: whether and how to reopen the gym. I share a win for a pet owner who turned her strata committee around and we lament the repeal of section 125 of our NSW Act: how now to deal with abandoned goods and illegally parked vehicles? Links mentioned: […]

226. Cladding class action gains momentum: register now

Gavin Beardsell joins me to provide an update on the status of Federal Court litigation against the manufacturers of certain types of combustible cladding. Find out if your building is eligible to participate in these fully funded class actions – now commencing in New Zealand also.  Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! Australian Combustible Cladding Class […]

225. Mandatory masks in common areas | do executors have voting rights?

This week, Reena and I are tackling these sticky situations – some of which may already be on your mind: can residents be forced to wear masks on the common property? does the executor of a deceased estate have the right to vote at general meetings? how to set boundaries to rein in bullies why […]

224. What’s new in the ACT – with Chris Miller, Vantage Strata

It has taken 4.5 years and 200+ episodes, but this week I welcome our first guest from the Australian Capital Territory. Chris Miller of Vantage Strata shares his insights on the changing nature of ACT units plans and updates us on upcoming legislative reform.  Links mentioned: Cumberland City Council Webinar registration (6 August 2020 at midday) […]

223. Committee elections outside of AGM | expired UE reallocation order | agency agreements

Reena and I are trading solutions to a range of management issues, including:  whether a strata committee can be elected outside of an AGM rectifying a failure to register an order reallocating unit entitlements how to set expectations prior to signing an agency agreement how a strata manager’s resignation resolved a building’s dysfunction Links mentioned: […]

222. Your Guide to Compulsory Appointments

This solo episode is devoted to exploring that most Draconian of interventions: the appointment of a compulsory managing agent. How do you get such an appointment? Do you really need one? And a question many owners are left asking after the event: is it really such a good idea?  Links mentioned: Get the transcript here! […]

221. How to avoid a renovation disaster

This week, Reena and I cover: unusual renovations: how is the committee to know if an owner is complying with all legal requirements? how to stop residents using the visitor parking when the new strata manager takes over a little too soon (before they are even appointed) your access to up-to-date strata data Links mentioned: Get […]

220. The immense power held by strata owners – with Cathy Sherry

This week, a blast from the past. Way back in September 2016 I spoke to Cathy Sherry about the surprisingly unfettered power strata owners have to regulate the private lives of their neighbours. At a time when this power has been tested and found to be stronger than ever (our NSW “pet” cases), I thought […]