Member call no. 24: Penalty applications and cost orders in the Tribunal

In this call, I assist Mary to defend a (seemingly) spurious penalty application for breach of a by-law: in Mary’s case, the “behaviour” by-law (model by-law 6, NSW). We also discuss her options for pursuing a cost order after an earlier application was withdrawn by her owners corporation.

Happy Hour with Rob Broadhead

Rob shared precisely where you can go to check that you are using an accredited fire safety professional to certify the fire safety measures in your building. We also talked fire door gaps, fire dampers, acronyms and wine.

Member call no. 23: Achieving common property repairs in a 2-lot scheme

Sandra is an owner in an unusual 2-lot scheme: her unit entitlement is 35 and her neighbour’s is 65. As you can imagine, this is causing some problems, particularly when it comes to the repair and maintenance of common property. In this call, I arm Sandra with the tools she needs to resolve moisture ingress […]

Happy Hour with Megan Chatterton – City of Sydney Council

Happy Hour with Megan Chatterton – City of Sydney Council! Megan shares the simple steps your building can start taking TODAY to save money on utilities and move towards a more sustainable future. Amanda provides an update on new strata legislation currently before NSW parliament, which will make the installation of sustainability infrastructure easier and […]

Member call no. 22: Terry challenges excessive levies in the Tribunal

In this call, I’m helping Terry with what is (in my experience) an unusual application: for an order varying levies on the grounds that they are excessive. Terry’s building recently resolved a 48% increase in levies and Terry believes the increase should have been half that. I give Terry my tips for ensuring his application […]

Happy Hour with Daniel Borin!

Our strata-tech evangelist, Daniel shares his tips for effective working from home connection in the time of social distancing how he’s still getting his boxing workout in and more. I also summarise the new regulations that have commenced in NSW, for smoother strata operations in the time of COVID .

Happy Hour with Amanda Farmer and Dr Nicole Johnston!

The always gracious Dr J shared her views on how well (or not) we’re tackling the nation’s building defects crisis; what’s next on her research agenda – including VIRTUAL “Strata Concepts” sessions, and why she went searching in vain for the research of “Dr Nicholas Johnston”. I also summarised the impact of this week’s NCAT […]

Member call no. 20: Demystifying BMCs with strata manager Andrew

In this call, I answer strata manager Andrew’s excellent questions about:  whether NSW community associations can impose blanket bans on the keeping of animals how building management committees and strata management statements work what avenues NSW buildings have if they have an underperforming strata manager This is a very ‘hands on’ call filled with practical […]

Happy Hour with Amanda Farmer and Reena Van Aalst!

We covered: the easing of COVID restrictions in NSW new strata law for NSW, permitting the making of regulations that will enable electronic meetings etc waiving interest on levies poll voting special resolutions the enviable social lives of “child-free” couples AND MORE!

Friday Happy Hour with Amanda Farmer and Jimmy Thomson!

And what a rollicking Happy Hour it was. In addition to discussing the current Japanese gin drought in Australia, we covered: pets in strata, the new NSW Fair Trading COVID guidance for strata schemes, cladding and fire safety generally…and all without mentioning short-term letting! Ok, maybe just once.

Happy Hour with Allison Benson

Two strata lawyers for the price of one! In this week’s Happy Hour, Allison and I covered: the loosening of restrictions around the country what’s happening on the COVID-legislative front in NSW, including specific relief for our strata schemes ongoing repair and maintenance of the common property electronic strata committee elections- the COVID APP and […]

Happy Hour with Veronica Morgan

It’s Happy Hour! My special guest this week is Veronica Morgan. We cover: the future of the property market, particularly when it comes to apartments; why strata records inspections and so important and what you should be looking for; some new legislation impacting NSW strata buildings; and much more, including your LIMITED TIME ONLY opportunity […]

Happy Hour with Chris Duggan

It’s Happy Hour!! My special guest this week is SCA (NSW) President Chris Duggan. Chris shares the inside scoop on what our strata buildings can expect from NSW government + together we answer the week’s COVID questions

Friday Happy Hour with Amanda Farmer & Natalie Fitzgerald

It’s Happy Hour! This week we’re talking about SHORT TERM LETTING : which new law started in NSW today? And as always, we’re covering the latest strata-COVID questions: should contracted works cease? Can we still pursue levy arrears? Should we be dobbing in visitors? All this and more.

Member call no. 18: Supporting Isabella to be the ‘squeaky wheel’

Isabella is an owner coming out the other side of years of neglected repair work at her townhouse property. I answer her questions about the potential removal of the strata committee and managing agent, claiming her losses (“is it worth it?”), getting the right trades on the job and ‘training’ the committee to make better […]

Happy Hour with Amanda Farmer and Chris Irons

Happy Hour has rolled around again! This week, I’m chatting with Chris Irons of Hynes Legal about closing pools and gyms, restricting deliveries and acting REASONABLY!! Happy weekend everyone.

The week that was – it’s the Happy Hour Wrap Up

Join me and Reena for Friday Happy Hour: we answer the week’s (long!) list of questions about COVID-19 in strata and manage to have a few laughs along the way. Links mentioned: Strata Community Association (SCA) Apartment Living & COVID-19 Best Practice Guideline for Building Managers Strata Community Association (SCA) Apartment Living & COVID-19 Best […]