Member call no. 30: Obtaining orders for removal of an illegal floor

Katrina’s committee has been involved in protracted NCAT proceedings, seeking the removal of an illegal hard floor. I help Katrina to decide the best next steps to move the case forward and achieve a result that will retain some level of harmony between the offending owner and the committee, while ensuring the ongoing peaceful enjoyment […]

Friday LIVE with Amanda Farmer and Paul Morton

In my LIVE chat with Paul Morton we covered: the fascinating thing about strata finance… the varied types of situations in which your building may want to consider a strata loan who needs to be involved in the process what the tax implications may be how repayment works and more I also shared some learnings […]

Member call no. 29: Dealing with Dan’s noisy neighbours

Dan’s neighbours have installed tiles in their unit above him, without any approval. He has lost his peaceful enjoyment and wants to know what steps he can take to get it back. I walk him through the process of enforcing both a “noise” by-law and pursuing the illegal alteration of the common property, including what […]

Friday LIVE – Pets in Strata with Special Guests Jo Cooper and Sharon Levy

Fresh from her Court of Appeal win, Jo Cooper gave us inside scoop on the rollercoaster ride that has been her life these past 5 years, including what this week’s court decision means for her, Angus and so many other pet-owners in NSW #strata buildings. We talked pet allergies, dog phobias and g-string bikinis (yep). We even […]

Friday LIVE with Amanda

Giving you the wrap up of the week that was, including: the fallout so far from this week’s rather controversial podcast episode… two important NCAT Appeal Panel decisions dealing with records and by-laws QLD’s new body corporate legislation, due to commence 21 March why bee-keeping in strata could be a nuisance how to properly address […]


Join me, Jimmy Thomson and Tim Sara LIVE at 4pm AEST today for the Summit WRAP Party. The bar will be OPEN so grab your favourite beverage and come have a chat with us about your favourite Summit Session. We’re easing you into our BONUS ENCORE WEEKEND: continue to access every summit session until MIDNIGHT […]

Your LIVE Summit ACTION Session! With Amanda Farmer, Veronica Morgan, and Paul Keating

I was joined by special guests Paul Keating of Strata Community Insurance and Veronica Morgan of Good Deeds Property Buyers, debriefing on today’s two Summit Sessions and hearing from YOU about the ACTION you’re taking in your communities, to implement what our summit guests are sharing. In today’s LIVE Summit ACTION Session, I chatted with […]

Your LIVE Summit ACTION Session! With Amanda Farmer, Elizabeth Heusler, and Colin Campbell

In today’s LIVE Summit ACTION Session, I chatted to two very experienced strata owner/committee members, enjoying the Shared Space Summit. Elizabeth Heusler and Colin Campbell shared their key takeaways from the day’s summit sessions and shared the ACTION they’ll be taking in their communities to implement what they’ve learned. We covered : the rise of […]

Happy Hour with Dr Cathy Sherry!

An Associate Professor at UNSW Law and a UNSW Scientia Education Academy Fellow, Cathy is a leading Australian expert on strata and community title. We’ll be covering: green cities: why do humans need “green” and how is the pandemic impacting future planning for green spaces? where exactly is the line between public and private space […]

Member call no. 27: Easing short-term letting pains for Colin

Colin heads up a committee for a building in a popular part of Sydney’s eastern beaches. When we spoke back in March this year, new legislation was about to commence, permitting NSW owners corporations to pass a by-law banning short-term letting: in some circumstances. I talk through the impact of this new legislation with Colin […]

Happy Hour with Natalie Fitzgerald!

Are strata managers protecting developers? Natalie Fitzgerald is our special guest for Happy Hour today.She blows the whistle on the relationship some strata managers have to developers and why sometimes it is NOT in the strata manager’s interest to champion owner claims for building defects rectification. So, if owners can’t rely on the strata manager, […]

Member call no. 26: When major renovation works are carried out without insurance

In this call, Bernadette shares the rather unorthodox management structure for her converted warehouse building. She has discovered that facade works carried out by an owner, but funded by the owners corporation, were not insured. We talk through the fallout, with particular reference to the relevant provisions of the Home Building Act NSW. We also […]

Happy Hour with Thomas Gibbons!

The trans-Tasman travel bubble is some way off, but we still managed to spend Happy Hour with Thomas Gibbons, one of our favourite NZ “unit titles” practitioners. We compare NZ’s level 4 lockdown to Melbourne’s and receive an update on important legislative reform happening across the ditch.

Member call no. 25: A win for Heather and her greyhound

Heather’s building prevents occupiers keeping pets without the approval of the Owners Corporation and Heather’s request to keep a greyhound has been unreasonably refused. I walk Heather through how she might prove “unreasonableness” under section 157 of the NSW law, including the practical steps she can take immediately to fast track her success.  I am […]

Happy Hour with Helen Kowal!

Expert building defects lawyer Helen Kowal updated us on the need-to-know of the Design and Building Practitioners Act 2020 and the Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Bill 2020. Does your building now have a claim for original building defects that it did not have before?