Friday LIVE with Amanda Farmer, Helen Kowal, Allison Benson and David Edwards

The Officially Unofficial After-Party of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers’ 16th Annual Conference happened RIGHT HERE. Come party with us! ***Lawyers work hard, but we also know how to let our hair down. Strata lawyers are, arguably, the best at doing so. Probably because we work the hardest This week, I’ve been attending the […]

Member call no. 39: Glenda (WA) reclaims her community

This my ‘pep talk’ with Western Australian owner Glenda, who is hoping to oust a dysfunctional council of owners. We discuss Glenda’s campaign for change and how she might reach  disengaged owners. We also cover some important procedural issues like access to the strata roll and the legal appointment of a strata manager in WA.  […]

Friday LIVE with Amanda Farmer and Jane Giacobbe

Join Amanda Farmer and Jane Giacobbe – client relationship manager for the Strata Plus Group . With 20+ years’ experience in the strata sector, Jane specialises in welcoming new buildings to the fold and ironing out the inevitable creases of a handover. Jane will share: the most common reason a building wants to change strata […]

Member call no. 38: Renovations, fire doors, smoke alarms and committee meetings

In this call, I answer Roman’s excellent questions about common strata problems including: how to seek permission for a bathroom renovation and installation of new flooring whether a false ceiling constitutes ‘minor work’ who is responsible for fire doors and smoke alarms. We also discuss why a strata manager’s performance is often only as good […]

Friday LIVE with Amanda Farmer

Amanda is going LIVE a little earlier than usual this Friday 26 March, due to travel commitments.  Join her here on the page at 1PM AEDT to hear what’s new and noteworthy in strata this week, including: the 3 key “strata traps” Amanda is sharing with conveyancers in Coffs Harbour this weekend  the national strata conference you […]

Member call no. 37: Gracefully moving on from poor strata management

Robert is a newly elected committee member, lumped with the task of dealing with an under-performing strata manager. I help Robert craft a letter to the strata manager, highlighting the manager’s legal duties with reference to their agency agreement and pointing out where they are failing to meet those duties. I also outline the practical […]

Friday LIVE with Amanda Farmer and Joseph Arena

Embedded networks in our strata buildings: rejoice or run? Joseph Arena of Arena Energy Consulting joined Amanda LIVE to demystify embedded networks, including answering the questions: what exactly is an embedded network? does it mean I can’t choose my energy supplier? am I stuck with a bad deal? We also discussed the increasingly common practice […]

Member call no. 36: Erik battles tree roots, bamboo fences, mould and more

This member call is full of helpful solutions to common strata problems. I show Erik the various paths to successfully deal with: tree roots damaging the sewer a non-responsive strata manager the proper termination of his current agency agreement a dispute about bamboo growing along a boundary fence tenants complaining about mould in their apartment […]

Friday Live with Amanda Farmer and Matt Larwood

Happy Friday! This week Amanda covers: the brand new changes to NSW strata law impacting “sustainability infrastructure” and…PETS! the novel Tribunal orders appointing a compulsory manager to deal with one lot only + a warning for committee members electronic meetings and electronic voting, welcoming special guest Matt Larwood of Strata Vote and asking the question: […]

Member call no. 35: What you can do about tenants subletting

David is an experienced committee member in a self-managed building. For some time, the building has struggled with noisy tenants, who also sublet on a short-term basis. I help David ensure the committee is following the correct enforcement procedures, including what to expect before the Tribunal. We also discuss a short-term letting by-law, including suggested […]

Friday Live with Amanda Farmer and Hedley Swann

What is a ‘next gen’ strata management company and how can you become one – or engage one? Why are strata managers such poor marketers? What does today’s apartment owner want from their strata management company? Hedley Swann is our Friday LIVE guest this week, joining Amanda to answer these questions and more. Hedley is […]

Friday LIVE lessons and laughs from the U S conference

All this week, Amanda has been attending the Community Association Institute’s Virtual Law Seminar, joining over 730 U.S. attorneys who all specialise in what the Americans call “community association law”. In this first LIVE chat for 2021, Amanda will be sharing some learnings and laughs from the week, including: the by-law that prevented owners commencing […]

Member call no. 34: Jennifer successfully negotiates a compulsory appointment

READ THIS AFTER you have watched the video… A few months after our call, Jennifer let me know how everything turned out. I suggest you watch/listen to the call first, then click here to read Jennifer’s email sent to me… With last week’s podcast episode about compulsory appointments, Jennifer’s member call is timely. In this […]

Member call no. 33: Does committee member Glenn have a conflict of interest?

In this short (14min) member call, I help Glenn to determine whether or not he has a conflict of interest when voting on specific matters at his committee meetings. I explain the relevant parts of the NSW legislation, including what needs to be done if a conflict is disclosed, and apply some practical examples. Links […]

Friday LIVE with Amanda – The Strata Highlights of 2020

Our very resilient strata sector has been in a privileged position during an otherwise difficult year. We’re lucky to have experienced SO MANY highlights and LOTS of progress. It’s time to celebrate the year’s wins and share the important takeaways from the challenges. Amanda’s making a list (…and checking it twice…) and can’t wait to […]

Member call no. 32: Recommended by-laws, vexatious ex-committee members and more

In this wide-ranging call with committee member Phillipa, I recommend some new by-laws for the committee to consider incorporating as part of their review process. We canvass ideas for dealing with vexatious ex-committee members who are circulating nasty emails, and discuss options for negotiating the terms of a new strata management contract, including removing delegated […]

Friday LIVE with Amanda Farmer and Dr Nicole Johnston

Dr Nicole Johnston joins me for today’s live strata chat, HERE at 4pm AEDT. Always energetic and often with a new project on the go, Nicole will be filling us in on her latest endeavour, the “Strata Concepts” online education forum, presented by Deakin University and Strata Community Insurance. Recognising that the management of buildings […]

Friday LIVE with Amanda Farmer

Your week in strata, WRAPPED: our newest Court of Appeal case reversing YET ANOTHER Tribunal decision: this time about the power of the NSW Tribunal to award damages to owners… why your by-laws are probably overdue for a health check how to improve your online strata meetings and more. Share your By-Law Pressure Test Result […]