Reena and I call out a downside of the electronic age: are committees ‘silencing’ owners by insisting on pre-meeting electronic voting for every meeting? We also discuss:

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  1. Hi Amanda,
    Listening to your Podcast 253, I have these observations.
    – Appx half the lots in that Eastern Suburb residential building have enclosed their balconies without getting OC approval.
    – Only one lot has, so far, experienced water leaks from that area that had originally been a balcony and remains a balcony on the title and plans.
    – Apparently the new owner of this lot can’t get satisfaction from the OC to repair the damage.
    In my opinion, (A) it is extremely unlikely the OC was unaware of what had been done to those balconies, (B) at least some members of the OC also have their balconies enclosed, (C) the OC either gave tacit approval without formalizing it, or completely ignored what was going on.
    From the above I’d say the lot owner who had the balcony enclosed is responsible for any and all repairs – as well as returning it back to a balcony again.
    The OC bears some responsibility too so perhaps the cost should be split 50/50 between the original lot owner and the OC.

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