014. How To Improve And Model Behaviour In Strata Communities

How To Improve And Model Behaviour In Strata Communities

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Key Points/Timestamps

    • 00:24 – Introduction and Overview
    • 01:53 – Why it is important for people to learn to behave while living together in Strata communities
    • 04:05 – What a well behaved and reasonable Strata entity looks like
        • Has a good leadership
        • Has fair expectations of its Strata managers and contractors
      • Has documented rules and procedures
    • 06:12 – The role of Strata managers and committee members in Strata community leadership
    • 07:50 – Strata managers must set very clear expectations with the Strata Committee
    • 09:46 – A 5-Step framework on how to assess if a Strata committee is being unreasonable
        • Is the by-law really necessary?
        • Does it conform to modern social and broader community standards?
        • Does the proposal provide options or alternatives for individual behavior?
        • Is it practical and enforceable?
      • Is it lawful?
    • 11:26 – By-laws are about having a discussion of what is acceptable and what is not for Strata community
    • 13:14 – Michael Teys shares a story on how his skills and knowledge in Strata helped a Strata buildings 
    • 15:19 – Some key tips on how to resolve issues within Strata community
    • 16:48 – Key challenges Strata buildings face around improving their behavior in strata communities and how to overcome them
    • 18:49 – A common purpose is important in building a relationship within Strata community
    • 19:47 – Key actions/quick wins listeners can take from this episode in improving behaviour in strata communities
    • 22:24 – Books that have a significant impact to Michael Teys and why
    • 25:43 – How listeners find out more about Michael Teys
  • 26:16 – Wrap up and Thank you

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