This week, Reena asks me the question: if the installation of an air conditioner impacts the external appearance of a building, can it still be classed as “minor work” under the NSW legislation? I respond to a listener comment about insurance claims made at the direction of lot owners and Reena explains how the appointment of a compulsory strata manager can sometimes be exactly the medicine a sick building needs. 

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  1. Referring to Insurance – if a claim has been lodged for an owners unit for a collapsed ceiling and on inspection by the insurance assessor who has determined that it was not caused by an insurable event, but as wear and tear or lack of maintenance, the owner then has to pay for the repairs is there any comeback on the Strata Company by the Owner. Western Australian Strata Titled Retirement Village. I believe that as owners we are responsible for all repairs and maintenance for buildings within our lot boundaries and the Strata Company is responsible for all repairs and maintenance on common property.

    1. Hi Patricia, it would be a rare case that a lot owner would be responsible for their own collapsed ceiling. I agree with you: assuming it is common property and responsibility for repair and maintenance has not been shifted over to lot owners, the strata company should take responsibility.

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