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This week, Reena and I cover:


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And if you haven’t already, access your NSW Health poster for mask-wearing in common areas, right here.

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  1. Hi Amanda
    Reference development application- I have been involved in some heated arguments with Private Certifiers wanting DA applications signed that have the wording – “the owners corporation consent to the DA and when approved, approve the works”. I have crossed out the section “and approve the works” (and initialled). Then advised in writing to the PC and lot owner involved, that the approval is only for lodging the application and the reason being that the OC will still need to approve the works at a general meeting and possibly a CPR bylaw. My fear here is that some strata managers may not read the document correctly and proceed to sign as it is printed.
    Could this then be argued by the PC/Lot owner that they had consent to proceed if approved by council?

    1. Hi Donna, sorry to hear this is happening. To answer your question, no: unless the Strata Schemes Management Act approval requirements are met, the work will not be considered legally approved by the owners corporation.

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