Having spent many years assisting owners, committees, and my own neighbours through large strata remedial works projects, this week I’m sharing my top 3 tips to help ease the pain for anyone doing the same.

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  1. Major repair works.
    We are having our 8 foyers staircases each having 6 lots brought up to current NCC/BCA standards. The SC has chosen to completely install 8 new balustrades.
    According to the Design and building practitioners Act and Regulation the contractors and their registered designs have to be registered for class 2 buildings. But this is only true if the OC if the works are voluntary.

    If the works are due to a council order, the design and builders do not have to abide with these regulations at all! Therefore this and design and builder does not have to be registered for a class 2 building.
    Why is this? A very big disadvantage.

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