Reena Van Aalst joins me to discuss:

  • why it’s important to update the insurer at the conclusion of legal proceedings,
  • motions to keep quarterly levies rolling at the same rate until re-determined: are they legal?
  • Reena’s takeaways from her recent trip to Spain, and
  • how to transfer a case from a court to the tribunal, and why you might want to.

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4 Responses

  1. Great podcast, thanks. I’ve always wondered why our rolling (Q1) levies are set at less than the rest of the previous year. It seems that it’s just a convention of the strata manager and I’ve now requested that the rolling levies going forward from next year’s AGM are set at the same rate as the previous three quarters. That way, we’re not playing ‘catch-up’ in Qs2-4 and, if the budget allows the levies to be reduced at the AGM, then Qs2-4 can reflect that reduced amount. Much better than playing catch-up, and owners only have to remember one consistent strata levy amount throughout the year.

  2. “Acting on good faith” is a mini thesis in legal writings.
    It gets thrown around a lot but never “defined”.
    As it is a legal term it has the meaning the Courts determine.
    I think when an SC is told they are covered as long as they are acting in good faith that perhaps someone should give them some idea what that means rather than leave the members to the folly that is they make up their own minds what it means.

  3. One issue that can arise is owners being told they are non-financial at the AGM because they haven’t paid their “rolling levy”.

  4. Thanks Amanda and Reena
    My question?
    1. Administration levies are for the payment of: Insurance, Water, Electricity, and small repairs and the payment of Strata Managers that some are charging big premiums without showing value for money.
    The capital works fund can be raised as an Especial levy and spend it on the work that it was raised for, instead of spending on other matters that leave the building in a worse condition and the repairs have to be done multiple times because it was not done properly.
    We need a proper Strata Legislation that looks after people who want to have a Home instead of us having speculators in our strata schemes that are making people unable to be able to buy or rent a liveable Home.

    Thanks again!!

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