By popular demand, this is your short (12 min) summary of the Barnes case – including why the case is so important for NSW strata communities.
This one delivered for you by a special guest. Tune in to find out who…

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  1. I have found the use of AI a godsend. An example was looking at an Instrument of Transfer from the 60s. There were no full stops throughout the document and an AND was used to separate the sentence. It was worth typing it out so that AI could give me an idea of what it was about!

  2. From an article published in today’s SMH about a builder building shonky housing.

    “We’re starting to see the dividends of the expansion of powers the NSW government provided to the Building Commission,” Building Minister Anoulack Chanthivong said.”
    I disagree with the Minister, for example: on 26 April 2024 I attended a mediation hearing because according to the strata manager and 2 committee members I owe money to the strata.  I do not owe any money and told the Registrar who was the Mediator that I was not going to pay for levies that were not approved on two AGMs. But the Registrar told me that I live in a Community and I have to pay the levies and if I did not like it, I should buy a House.
    I have made complaints multiple times against the Strata Management Agency and the committee members that are abusing the system but Fair Trading is not interested in investigating.  So if we do not believe in the system it is because the government instead of helping the people who need help is helping the people who abuse the system.
    Thanks Amanda! Great podcast!!

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