This week, I’m sharing a REPLAY of one of our top 5 most popular podcast episodes: Successful Strata Records Inspections. 

A source of frustration for many owners, records inspections is one of the subjects I am most frequently asked about. In this episode, I share my 4 steps to a successful strata records inspection, including what to do when particular records are withheld for ‘privacy’ or ‘legal’ reasons.  

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  1. This is a fabulous episode and most helpful. I am pursuing the Strata Manager for copies of records. I was following up you suggestion that you could ask for copies of emails between the Strata Manager and Strata Committee so I asked for copies as I have paid for a search and particular as the Strata Committee has not met since the AGM. This has been of particular concern as approx $600,000 is being spent on reconstructing planter boxes and major decisions are being made by the 2 person Strata Committee and Strata Manager without consultation with the Owners Corporation:

    This was the response from the Strata Manager:

    Correspondence ?? most of the corresponding has been over the phone, any thing of importance is filed, if not, its not filed.

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