Wal Dobrow has worn many hats over his years spent serving our strata space. In this week’s episode, he joins me to cover just one topic in particular: psychosocial hazards in the strata workplace. What are they and how are successful leaders managing them? Wal shares his “yellow and red card” system, explains why a strata manager’s inbox should NOT be open to every owner, and introduces me to a new word and acronym I think you’ll enjoy too.

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  1. Thanks Amanda for the information!

    I believe that if the strata managers do not want to deal with frustrated owners they have to make sure that everyone who pays the levies knows the legislation.
    At the moment we do not have transparency or accountability in strata schemes the “Strata Hub” was supposed to do that so if someone wanted to buy in a scheme they had all the information, they did not need to pay expensive levies to be able to get it paying strata lawyers. So if someone buys a Lemon is not disclosed because some people are afraid of telling the truth because they won’t be able to sell their property.
    The Government needs to provide Consumer Protection on housing that most people know we lack at the moment.

  2. Hi.
    Could you please do a podcast on Committee members and other residents handling abusive owners/residents both verbally and via emails, notices etc.

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