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  1. Dear Amanda and Reena
    You probably read the following on the last Newsletter from OCN, I previously said that we do not have consumer protection and instead of the governments legislating for us not to be in debt, they are making it very hard because people who want to have a Home in a Strata Scheme are treated like the only right we have is to pay high levies without showing value for money.
    “Incredibly, after removing a strata management company from not one but two owners corporations due to performance issues, NCAT has recently appointed that same company as compulsory manager to another scheme.

    OCN has called for an urgent review of NCAT internal processes, to prevent this ever happening again. It beggars belief that the only criteria for appointing a compulsory strata manager is their consent to act. Their is no elegibility criteria, no matching of skills to scheme needs, no regular reporting on work performed, not even a review of the compulsory manager’s performance at the end of their term.”

    Thanks for the information

  2. Regarding burst pipes. My wife and I had flood-stop taps installed so that if a flexy-pipe bursts, it immediately shuts off the water so the amount of damage is minimal.
    Also, when we leave our apartment for more than a day, we shut off the water supply. Luckily the shut off valve is readily available in our Perth apartment but it is located in the ceiling outside the front door in our Melbourne apartment! To get to it we need a ladder. Amazingly bad installation by the builder (who has since gone broke).

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