Tom Buckley of Strata I.T. explains why strata managers would do well to have specialised IT support, including how to secure yourself against a hundred-thousand-dollar mistake.

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  1. I ask, will the Strata levies lower or are we complying with legislations that it only increase the cost of Strata Living?
    Our Strata scheme that comprises of 4 Lots, the levies were only $800 a year and in 2000 we painted, the building inside out, rewired the electric work …. and the strata paid only $10K for all the work.
    Now after having a Strata Manager that only believes in wasting our Strata funds we have a special levy of $70K and an increase of our Strata levies of 61%. That’s is I believe the government should be looking about the increase of cost of Housing/Living
    Thanks Amanda for the information.

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