In this solo episode, I’m sharing all you need to know about proxies under our NSW law, including:

  • how to fill in the “approved form” correctly
  • whether those voting under a power of attorney need to fill in a proxy form
  • the Tribunal and court cases where proxies have come out on top
and more.

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3 Responses

  1. The view in Warren probably comes from
    Thoo v The Owners Strata Plan No. 50276 [2011] NSWSC 657 (28 June 2011)
    See para 166 – 170 where the SC consider the proxy rules

    Impero Pacific Group Pty Ltd v Bonheur Holdings Pty Ltd [2019] NSWSC 286
    Para 48 and 49 are interesting and then there is lower level material such as Regis case SCS 05 / 51227 (Miss Balding)

  2. A question about signing of proxy forms. Does the Owner have to sign with a hand written signature for the form to be valid?

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