Dr Nicole Johnston joins me to share her latest research into passive fire systems in our residential strata buildings, including the thousands of fire safety defects that go unnoticed, and how owners may be unknowingly jeopardising their safety with their renovation works.

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  1. In our building some studio apartments are so cluttered with junk that it is literally difficult to walk and escape in case of fire. Also, fuel load is far in excess of BCA limit of 300MJ/m2 — plenty of paper, cardboard and synthetics to catch fire.

    And on top of that pile of junk, occupants dare to use gas portable cookers with LPG gas cylinders!

    Strata can not just enter an apartment and dump all that stuff in the rubbish bins.

    Question to Amanda: Can some by-law be adopted to somehow restrict cluttering in the apartments? Can such by-law be enforceable and not harsh?

  2. Dear Amanda

    According to an article sent to me from his Local Newspaper. you could book a home safety visit from your local fire crew go to:
    They are the experts so they can give us advise without trying to sell us something that we do not need. I had that experience in 2012. I rang my local council and the council officer gave us the proper advise.
    We also know that heaters can cause fires the same as recharging batteries. Hope that governments save lives and destruction by informing All of us the best way of keeping safe.
    Great that the Fire Crews see that prevention is cheaper than trying to control a fire that can kill people. People have only 3 minutes to leave the residence otherwise it would be too late.

    Thanks again!!

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