Michael Barnes of Credwell Fire & Risk estimates that owners in up to 40% of residential strata buildings aren’t properly maintaining essential services, putting property and lives at risk. In this chat, we talk about emergency management plans – including evacuation diagrams – and the high cost of failing to have a comprehensive plan in place.

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  1. Excellent thank you. Please advise how often a formal fire drill should be held. Should it be held when most residents are available, eg evening or weekend?

    In our building it is every 2 years approx and on a work day when 6 of 200 residents were available to participate.

    1. Hi Josephine,

      You’re always welcome to post under the podcast episode but we strongly suggest to members like you to post in the QandForum for Amanda to give you a quicker and more detailed response to your queries over there.

      Team YSP

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