My THREE guests this week are Yolande Nyss, Elizabeth Stewart and Bruce McKenzie, each helping to explain “Project Intervene”: a NSW government initiative for newer residential buildings with original building defects.
We discuss:
  • why litigation about building defects does not produce desirable outcomes for owners
  • why Project Intervene is good for developers too
  • Project Intervene’s focus on correct solutions, supervised repair and independent oversight
  • how eligible buildings can get involved in the project and why that needs to happen NOW.

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3 Responses

  1. Great insights, this project appears from the outset to be good for owners and developers alike. Thank-you for sharing

  2. Unfortunately, the project only applies to multistorey apartment buildings.

    With the abundance of townhouses being built, similar defects on common property appear. In our case we have water ingress from the common property driveway, which emerges as efflorescent on my garage floor. The builder has been informed and he had several attempts to topical rectify the problem without success. A building engineer has been consulted twice, but he did not have a solution either. Insurance would cover the damaged floor, but without fixing the origin of the defect that would be useless.

    Some food for thoughts for the initiators of “Project intervene”. We occupied the buildings in July 2017.

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