The annual CPD requirements for NSW strata managers have changed. Sasha Boe of Real Estate Training Solutions joins me to explain:
and more.

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  1. Should strata managers disclose their level of CPD points to Owners Corporations with which they have an agreement?

    1. Hi Josephine, there is no legal requirement for this type of disclosure. Certainly, owners are entitled to assume that their licensed strata manager has completed their required CPD, as that is a condition of their licence.


  2. Thanks Amanda for the information.
    I would like to say that some strata managers when we asked for a repair that it was done without the need of the repairs treat us like we are crazy or “gas lighting us”.. Please ask your members how many times they had been treated that way?
    Fair Trading should make sure that the people Strata Managers employ to do work in our buildings are qualified and provide warranty for their work.
    Thanks again!!

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