I’m sharing 3 ways you can learn more about the power of by-laws, including an invitation to take “The By-Law Pressure Test”: are your by-laws about to crack?

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  1. Please do not post my name, as I have suffered personal abuse, intimidating phone calls, and damage to my car on trying to force the Strata Committee to comply with the by-laws.
    The podcast does not address the insoluble problem of a Strata Committee which refuses to comply with SSMA 2015 particularly Section 108. NCAT required me to seek advice, which so far has cost $20,000 without any success. I am now seeking online advice, although I have almost given up.

  2. Dear Amanda

    I believe that the bylaws are use to bully people. You know my case where the Investors with the help of the strata manager were trying me to pay for not complying with their stupid bylaws. I believe that the Strata Managers and Committee members should be informed that people living on other strata schemes do not have any say where some bylaws are concern but our Local Councils or the police.

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