Corey Nugent is the CEO of Resilience Insurance, the only insurer currently offering “decennial liability” or “latent defects insurance” in Australia.
Corey shares:
– the catastrophic financial and emotional toll that building defects extract from strata owners,
– why insurance was always part of David Chandler’s solution to the building defects crisis,
– the precise questions that purchasers buying strata apartments off-the-plan need to be asking at the display suite this weekend,
and more.

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2 Responses

  1. No download for

    356. Restoring our faith new builds: decennial liability insurance for strata

    in the library of podcast transcripts


    Bertus Koorts

    1. Hi Prof AS Koorts,

      Thank you for raising this concern.
      Due to site maintenance, there had been some errors in accessing some of the pages.
      However, we are happy to let you know that it’s now fixed, and the podcast transcript is now available for download.
      We will also reach out to you via email for your own copy of Episode 356 Transcript. 🙂

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