For more than 20 years the Owners Corporation Network (OCN) has been the independent voice of strata owners. In this chat, vice chair and director Tom Belsham says that the unique aspects of strata ownership have been poorly understood by our state government for too long. Tom takes us through the ten key issues the OCN is urging government to commit to taking action on, ahead of the NSW state election.

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  1. Thanks Amanda!!
    I believe like most people who own a Home in a Strata Scheme that we are losing in all fronts.
    For example: strata schemes are demolished with all the trees in this time of Climate Change. People in those buildings have to find accomodation. I also believe that Governments are creating Hell in the form of the heat those buildings will create.
    Also I believe that Fair Trading does not have the personnel to investigate like for example local councils used to have in the past.
    We do not have the same rights to our Homes like we used to have before the changes to the Strata Legislation in 2015/16 where Investors have the right to our Homes if they have 75% of voting.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed this and when one considers the data and stats it is just madness for the community to NOT actively require our government to act positively to bring about a better strata Future. The prediction that 50% of people will live in strata within a few decades is just astonishing.

    Thank you Tom! Thank you Amanda
    The point that resonates loudest for me is the opportunity and need for EDUCATION. Just imagine if tomorrow everyone who lived in strata understood strata and everyone who was contemplating buying into strata knew full well what they were buying into and knowing full well what they were buying into, were excited to be doing so.

  3. This is wonderful. The major problems of a resident Owner in NSW are apathy and ignorance. This leaves the way open for autocratic committees who fail to comply with the Act SSMA 2015 and brook no opposition or criticism. Managing Agents are hand-in-glove with the SC and know little of the Act.

    Please attend to the following:-
    1. As in Aust Cap Territory Managing Agent should NOT chair meetings.
    2. Complainants to Fair Trading should know the outcome of any complaint.
    3. How can managing agents be held accountable, NCAT will not accept action vs Man Agent.
    4. Fire Safety in strata buildings should be overseen by the minister you are asking for. Local Councils vary and in NSW do not comply with AS1851 2012. When I question this I am threatened with eviction from a General Meeting by the man agent chairing without a deed of delegation.

    Please address these matters if you have time. Thank you

  4. Our 27 lot over 55’s completed in around 2001 does not have the load capacity to have electric hot water systems let alone ev charging .. upgrading would be very expensive .. would we be compelled to comply with installing ev charging stations?

  5. 20 years of OCN still sees us talking about many of the same issues from 20 years ago. Incremental difference is not the solution.

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