I’m joined by fellow strata lawyer, Allison Benson. Allison recently appeared in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal on behalf of an owners corporation seeking to enforce its cost recovery by-laws. In this chat, we discuss the Tribunal’s decision, how that decision may impact future attempts by OCs to recover costs from lot owners, and the prospect of legislative reform to better protect buildings troubled by serial by-law breachers.

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  1. Like I previously said; buildings’ bylaws are to protect Bullies in a Building.
    We should rely on the police to make sure that people behave according to the State Law.
    We should also rely on Councils like we used to have in the past for people who destroy our living spaces. Councils did investigate like its impossible to do now because the Regulator does not have enough people to investigate wrongdoings.

    Thanks Amanda for informing us about the changes.

  2. Hi, is it possible to stop a person to never come back on our Committee, he is living in our building in the unit owned by his partner whom he has Power of Attorney for…. The reason is due to this person whom has Bullied, Harassed and humiliated residents, has Vandalised our lifts, and has been very dishonest while he use to be on the Committee, we have also had to deal with many NCAT hearings, which he usually looses…His behaviours and actions have had a very big impact on our 31 Owners and Residents…What can be done please, we are desperate for a solution……🙏🏻

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