In my first chat with Reena Van Aalst for 2023, we cover:
  • why strata managers need to be checking the ASIC register before contractors are engaged,
  • just how far the definition of ‘cosmetic work’ might (or might not) extend,
  • a successful storage cage swap, and
  • a Christmas win for an unfairly sidelined owner. 

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  1. Thanks Amanda and Reena! Wishing you two a Happy 2023!

    In 2016 two investors had to rip off our carpet that it was in good condition before they decided to paint the stair wall without bothering to place any protection from the mess they left.
    Then they decided to have a new carpet and pay $1500. towards the carpet. The carpet company went out of business and I asked the Strata Manager why did he paid $1500. when the law said that he needed to pay only 10% of the cost?
    We lost the money and that was only one thing that we paid that we did not need to pay.
    I believe that Fair Trading has to make sure that we are not ripped off. At the moment is a systematic problem because we do not have consumer protection In Strata living.

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