Property owners new to strata are often surprised by the complex rules around renovation approvals. This episode is for those owners (and those guiding them). I reveal how I structure my own thinking about strata renovation work, from internal painting to air conditioning units to complete bathroom renos, and share access to some helpful resources, both for owners corporations and owners, to ensure a smoother renovation project for all.

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  1. Like I previously said in our Strata Scheme we had 2 investors that made changes to their bathrooms…. without consent from the OC. Would not make more sense to tell new owners that anything that needs to be repaired on their bathrooms, kitchens … is their liability?
    Our Strata levies are going up and up and I believe is not making life easier for us but a very expensive way of living without us not having any control of it.
    Governments I believe do not care about our health or financial health when they demolish good buildings with trees on them so they can say “create employment”. Also tell us that we do not have enough people to do the work or materials to replace the bulldozed buildings.
    I believe that we need proper changes in our living spaces if we want to live in Caring environments. Waste and destruction is not going to take us there.
    Thanks Amanda for letting having my say.

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