In this, our last podcast episode for the year, Reena and I discuss:
  • the building that can’t get public liability insurance for its heritage property
  • the dangers of strata managers actioning legal matters without instructions or legal advice
  • a few key principles for those managing Building Management Committees (BMCs).
I’ll be back with the first podcast episode of 2023 on 4 January.
I wish you a lovely, restful festive season. 

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3 Responses

  1. The agent in my SP loves to state what the Act means and if one disagrees his go to line is “it is open to interpretation”.
    The danger here is the naive strata committee trust that because the agent is a licenced “professional” then he actually knows what he is talking about.
    In my experience the agent is rarely right and generally is just telling the SC what it wants to hear.
    In the matter on the podcast it seems the agent also has the luxury of a SC who smile, nod and agree when the agent says things.

  2. Thank you Amanda and Reena!

    Yes please another podcast or two on BMCs and Community Schemes would be greatly appreciated.

    Merry Christmas to all!!

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