Brent Anderson and James Milne work for the largest property management company in North America – and the largest strata management company in British Columbia, Canada (and YES, they do use the term ‘strata’ in BC). In this chat, we discuss:
– the many similarities between strata in Australia and strata in BC, as well as the few differences;
– what it means to “pay with your patience”
– what the micro democracies within our fourth layer of government need to succeed
and more. 

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  1. Interesting hearing that the challenges experienced by the strata industry in New South Wales are also being experienced in BC. This leads me to wonder why the industry doesn’t make changes in address them. Did I hear correctly? Did I hear that BC strata managers could receive 300 emails daily?

    Thanks for the podcast – very interesting and informative. Given that there are so many parallels in “structure” I’m wondering whether there are similarities in legislation?? How about Dispute Resolution??

      1. How on earth do they action them all? Or is assumed that a strata manager wouldn’t action all of them?

        I am also interested in whether any stats have been compiled on burn-out of strata managers?

  2. Thanks Amanda. There is some valuable information in that podcast – but what’s new about that, re your podcasts.

    Interesting to hear that it is not necessarily helpful to cc our strata manager into committee emails.

    I disagree with having fewer committee meetings. In my building we meet monthly (without having our strata manager present) and much less would be acheived if we had fewer meetings.

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