A little while ago, I surveyed some of my audience, asking the question “what did you wish you had known before buying into strata?” Veronica Morgan and Chris Bates have featured the answers I received in their latest episode of The Elephant in the Room Property Podcast. They have generously allowed me to share this interview with you.

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2 Responses

  1. Thank you – very interesting.

    I was hoping that you might deal with the desirability of purchasers checking whether there have been any alterations to the unit and whether any alterations have any necessary Council/Accredited Certifier approvals and a By-law.

    Next time.


    Richard d’Apice

  2. Thanks Amanda for the information.
    According to the new Strata Hub we should have more information but it seems like will have less. I asked for the contact details from the new owner who bought in our Strata Scheme on 5 May 2022, on 24 October to our Strata Manager but it seems they cannot give it to me because of privacy reasons . He provided me with the other two matters that I should had but the contact details from the new owner it seems are secret.
    His response “however we are unable to provide there contact details due to privacy reasons”

    So it seems like transparency and accountability will not be part of Strata Living.

    Thanks again!!

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