This week:
  • Reena Van Aalst describes the frustration of a new owner who has been waiting too long for her strata committee to make a decision about her renovation works,
  • I answer the question: what happens when no one nominates for the committee?
  • With Reena’s intervention, an owner gets their carpet replaced by the OC, and
  • We share an opportunity for your building to saves thousands per year on running costs.

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2 Responses

  1. Dear Amanda and Reena, thanks for the information about repairs.
    Some people in stratas recommend the people in a committee be informed of their rights and obligations,  I agree with that but the problem we are facing at the moment is that Fair Trading does not follow that advice and we end up wasting taxpayers money and not getting anywhere.
    Small example:  2016 we had an AGM where it was discussed that my garage door was too rusty and needed to be changed.  One of the investors who was in the process of selling proposed a different garage door and for me to get a different quote, we also had a problem with our roof because it was leaking. The minutes of the AGM did not mention that it was discussed in the meeting. I got a quote for the garage door and the placement of membrane on the southerly side of the roof and repaired the copper gutter that was missing some brackets. Because nothing was done I took my case to Fair Trading  but two Members did not make a decision on the matter.  The copper gutter was replaced with an inferior metal and now it holds water after we have rain.  My garage door the paint is peeling.

    Thanks, I believe that we need a proper Fair Trading Regulator so people do not finish losing their Homes.

  2. Hi Amanda and Reena

    It is always valuable listening to your podcast, thank you.

    It is not an isolated case that nobody wants to be on the committee. The first two years in our strata property, 3 units, there was no interest to form a committee, and the strata manager, or their staff were a disaster. I nomited for the person to be contacted if necessary. Because of changing the licensee, we took the opportunity to choose a new strata manager and upon their advice, I being the only financial member and the only present at the AGM I opted to become a committee member. with 33% of UE, delegating all office bearers position to the SM. At the third AGM the SM proposed to grant in writing exclusive use rights of the common property carpark adjacent to the unit of a selling owner. This was defeated. Subsequently the SM suggested that the two bona fide visitors’ carparks being allocated to the other two unit holders, which also was defeated, because I considered that illegal and against the DA. The SM then terminated their contract on the grounds that it was too difficult to manage our property. I don’t know why they put their weight behind a selling party to increase their selling price with an additional carpark to their unit.

    Now, with the third SM, who or their staff are completely incomepetent with very little strata/accounting knowledge, I am waiting for the AGM, which was scheduled to be in August, to nominate for secretary. August is gone, no AGM and no notice of when this will take place. However, we were charged a fee for preparation of the AGM. Our accounts are in such a mess since this SM took over, and five staff working on it are not able to rectify their mistakes.

    In three different reports covering the same period our CWF shows three different values.

    Strata managers should be under scrutiny by the Government and become a better regulated industry.

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