James Burgin shares how his self-managed block of 6 in Bondi became a “joy to come home to” after a surprisingly affordable cosmetic upgrade, which has dramatically increased the value of each apartment. What’s more, his community is now more collaborative than ever before.

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  1. Our Strata is trying to get a rejuvenation going so this was great listening. We too are a small (5 units) 1980s block and self managed (if having one person do all the admin, accounts etc can be called self managed!). If possible just one photo of the foyer before the reno would be great.

  2. Yes Amanda – how inspiring and exciting is James! I sooo want to move into James’ apartment block: cooperation???!!! That’s a novelty in my block…

  3. I love hearing positive stories, especially ones which involve building community, because working together really is the basis of getting projects done. Thanks for sharing your inspirational story, John.

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