I’m sharing 4 must-know facts about 2-lot strata plans, relevant to:

– voting

– insurance

– repairs and maintenance

– strata committees


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  1. Thanks Amanda!
    I believe that there is an advantage of owning a Home in a 2 Lots strata scheme instead of 100 Lots. You don’t need to engage an auditor that only checks for invoices presented to him/her instead of being able to check that the work was done.
    At the moment is very scary to own a Home in a strata scheme because we do not have support from Fair Trading and when we need urgent repairs on our strata schemes is like going to a merry go round so nothing is done about the problem.
    There is a very simple solution to the problem Fair Trading should make the ruling that the work needs to be done
    Recommend the people who are qualified to do the work
    The price we should be paying.

  2. Hi Amanda,

    In an established (over 50 years) 2 lots strata scheme that has equal 50/50 UOE, is it difficult to then change the current UOE based on current values of each property where 1 property is worth a lot more than other ?

    Is it possible to contest established UOE & have this changed ?

    1. Hi Matt, in NSW, an order of the Tribunal is necessary. See section 236, Strata Schemes Management Act.

      I’m assisting many owners in 2-lot schemes inside my online membership community. There are certainly some unique issues to navigate.

      I hope you too can join us. More info over here: http://www.stratamembership.com


  3. Hi
    I’ve become completely confused about 2 lot scheme requirements, checking the current legislation it appears that 2 lot schemes appear to have been removed as a separate section.
    in particulr, how do you manage to ensure compliance with by-laws? I have a horror Neighbour who is persistently breaching by-laws and causing significant damage, as well as nuisance / harassment.

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