Why are some strata owners telling me that their strata manager is making decisions they do not support?
What is the “advise vs decide dichotomy”?
These questions answered and more, in today’s short episode.

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  1. Thanks Amanda

    May be a useful online component of competency based training for aspiring Strata Managers.

    No response required.

  2. Many thanks Amanda.
    The tricky bit is how to communicate this to a bullying strata managing agent?

  3. Spoke to an insurance broker today, who told me it was for the strata manager to decide what was to be done with respect to repairs to the building.

  4. Such good listening! And sensible! Our strata manager gave extensive assurance that the hundreds of pages of “scavenging by-law” drafted by didn’t need a lawyer – and of course it’s garbage.

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