Trevor Rawnsley of ARAMA explains how the “management rights” model works and responds to its critics. We discuss what makes a good on-site residential manager, why communities often misunderstand the role and what to do when things go wrong. 

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  1. This episode left me with questions about how owners can feel confident in the service they are receiving. In my experience, my building manager seems to prioritise the caretaking for his own apartments and appears to delay any work for all owners to spend the least money possible. I would love Trevor’s thoughts on how an OC can create processes or negotiate terms that can leave them confident that the commercial operations were not taking precedence over the rest of the owners, such as owner occupiers. If Trevor has any documents or agreements or tips, I’d love to see this. My current Caretaker’s contract has expired so it would be helpful for the committee to know how to evaluate performance from this managed property perspective.

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