Today, I publish the 300th episode of the podcast. In celebration, I’ve invited long-time listeners and members of our online community to share their favourite episodes and key learnings from the giant knowledge library that is this podcast, built up over the past 6 years.
On this special occasion, I’d like to thank YOU, my listeners, for tuning in, week after week. Your commitment to improving your experience of strata living is my constant motivation and your success stories born of the podcast, my inspiration. Keep ’em coming. 

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  1. Congratulations Amanda! A great summary of a great and valuable journey! So much information. Thank you for all you do!!

  2. Thanks Amanda for giving future buyers in a Strata Scheme the information of what to check before buying a Lot like for example; getting the emails from owners in a Strata Scheme that know how their building is managed and that they have the right to get the information.
    I know that two past investors in our building did not have an idea of the problems we had with repairs that were not needed or had to be done again because the Strata Manager did not give them that information.

    Hope that people do their research before buying a Home because at the moment is very hard to find the truth because of lack of Consumer Protection in Housing.

    Thanks again!!

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