This week, I’ve invited both Natalie Fitzgerald and Reena Van Aalst on the show to talk about diversity when it comes to strata committees. What is it? Do we need it? How do we get it?

Also, a reminder to secure your spot at the Women in Strata breakfast next Thursday 5 October 2017, at Macquarie Bank in Sydney. Register here.

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  1. As always, a thought-provoking podcast. I’ve now participated in 4 strata schemes, as tenant, investor owner and resident owner. Big city and regional, self-managed and with SMA. Size 2-12 lots. It has always been a battle to get committee members, and to get owners to meetings. Maybe we were doing too good a job managing the property! Frankly I wish tenants did have a greater say in management; it might engender more interest. [Two years running I drove 500km to find the AGM deferred because I was the only one there!]

    One question: You mentioned that you thought email is outdated. We have finally got a resolution approved to allow greater use of email, and phone meetings etc for our property. Could you comment on alternatives to email? I am especially interested in technology that is accessible to residents/owners of all abilities.

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Margie, thanks for your comment and question.
      Natalie Fitzgerald is using “Workplace” by Facebook (just Google “Workplace”). Another solution I know other businesses are loving is “Slack”. They are worth checking out to see if they’d be a good fit for your fellow owners.

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