How To Ensure You’re Not In Breach Of Your By-Laws

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  1. Hi Amanda and Sabina
    I have been researching about by laws for Strata property and has found your podcast on youtube.
    Currently I am facing some issue with my OC manager asking me to pay excess for a flooding claim. This flooding was due to SEW main pipe burst. Incident took place in December 2021 and only now I have been informed the insurer is not covering for the carpet water extraction, removal and disposal.

    As far as I know with respect to carpet, insurer does not replace but I am not sure why the insurer would not cover for the cost of the extraction of the spot where the carpet in the master bedroom and thr whole ground floor of the property had flooding?

    My response to the OC Manager and my position to the demand to pay the excess and the cost for water extraction, removal and disposal was I am not prepared to cover for those as the property is governed by Strata Law.

    I would value your advise and information that can assist to provide a resolution to this issue.


    1. Hi Abby, thanks for the question and I’m so pleased you’ve found the website.
      These are precisely the types of situations I’m supporting owners with inside my online membership community.
      The doors are open this weekend and I’d love for you to join us so we can workshop this on the inside.
      There is a 35% saving to be enjoyed if you join before midnight TONIGHT (Sunday 21 August).
      I hope you can make it. All the details, and your access, over here:

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