008. The Truth About By-Laws In Your Strata Property (And How To Ensure You’re Not In Breach)

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 How To Ensure You’re Not In Breach Of Your By-Laws

Resources / Links Mentioned

Books Mentioned

  • Screw It, Let’s Do It –  Richard Branson

Key Points / Timestamps

  • 00:24 – Intro and Overview
  • 01:06 – Amanda Farmer invites the listeners to grab a copy of the Strata Essentials e-book
  • 01:41 – Savina Yang explains how essential by-laws are to living dispute free in a strata property
  • 03:22 – Why it’s so important for Strata owners and resident to understand the building’s’ by-laws
  • 05:07 – Savina Yang shares her experience with a client who inquired about by-laws and how they relate to renovations
  • 06:22 – How by-laws are enforced in strata schemes
  • 07:09 – Breaches to by-laws as they relate to noise in a strata property
  • 08:18- When to consider getting the intervention of a Strata lawyer to provide legal advice around options to enforce by-laws
  • 09:54 – Amanda Farmer explains how to issue a Notice to Comply under Section 45 of the Strata Management Scheme Act to the by-law breachers
  • 12:01 – Amanda Farmer shares advice on how to get the order of the judicator requiring the breacher to comply with the common property by-laws
  • 13:26 – Key challenges that buildings and lot owners face when dealing with by-laws and how to overcome them
  • 15:40 – Amanda Farmer explains Strata property by-laws using a “no parking” analogy
  • 17:39 – Savina Yang shares a story around how she helped a building/lot owner using a by-law
  • 20:27 – Amanda Farmer clarifies a point around the Rules of Evidence as they apply to penalty applications
  • 23:13 – Books that have had a big impact on Savina Yang and why
  • 24:45 – How listeners can find out more about Savina Yang and her final thoughts
  • 25:24 – Wrap up and thank you

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  • Very excited to receive the strata book. Thank you

    • Hi Clare, thanks for listening in. You are now signed up to our mailing list and should receive the eBook in your inbox very shortly!


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